Drugs are not the solution to fat….

Do doctor and Media have empathy or are many just THAT greedy? Do YOU care?

Or does anyone care when “hicks” or slaves” needlessly dies? I remember reading a New Times free paper in 2008-2010. What I was amazed how many ads there were for Pain Clinics. During those years , probably more than half of all their ads were for those greedy clinics….Sure they had some ads for sex, but why so many for Pain….MAYBE because New Times was …..

Anyway, by 2015 their Ads and articles changed some as shown below:

Inside the Deadly South Florida Pain Clinic That Doled Out Drugs to 700 Patients a Day

JESSICA WEISS | AUGUST 26, 2015 | 8:30AM

“Not too long ago, South Florida was a prescription painkiller dreamland, luring people from West Virginia to Kentucky down “Oxy Alley” to get millions of pills. At the height of the wave, from 2008 to 2010, Florida doctors purchased nine times more oxycodone than doctors in the other 49 states combined. Most often, those pills ended up in the hands of addicts; sometimes, they caused overdose and even death.”

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